Why do I need to wait for an hour?

Like human forensic DNA profiling, the dog DNA Protected test targets specific regions of the DNA called Short Tandem Repeats (STR) markers.  The STR tests used in a forensic laboratory are designed to be species specific.  So, for example the dog STRs do not produce a result from human DNA, just as the human STRs do not produce a result from dog DNA.

However, if a dog’s mouth swab is contaminated with DNA from another species (such as the chicken, sheep or cattle meat found in some dog food) it can make the laboratory analysis more difficult.  Also, if a mouth swab is taken from a very young puppy that has recently been fed by its mother, the DNA in the mother’s milk could interfere with the test result.  This is why we request that buccal samples are taken at least an hour after your dog has eaten.

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