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DNA Protected Profile

Celebrate your dog joining the Forensic Dog DNA database and let everyone know that they're DNA Protected by getting a framed picture of your dog's DNA profile.

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Get tongues and tails wagging

Here at Cellmark we're passionate about DNA profiling and Forensic Science and wanted to be able to offer our DNA Protected dogs (and their humans!) the opportunity to get an image of their DNA profile as our scientists see it in the laboratory. A DNA Protected forensic profile is a fantastic talking point - it's the ultimate CSI portrait of your dog and provides a unique way to celebrate what makes them one of a kind.

The Science

Every DNA Protected profile comes with an interesting and informative leaflet that explains the science and history behind DNA profiling and the Forensic Dog DNA database.

Forensic DNA profiling captures the variability in your dog's DNA. Although it can’t tell you anything about the dog’s breed, this is the gold standard identification technology used by forensic scientists to differentiate one dog from another.  It is nature’s very own powerful identification system and having your dog’s profile on the Dog DNA database could play an important role in ensuring that your dog is safely returned if stolen.

DNA protected - the science
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How do I get one?

How you order your profile will depend on whether your dog has already been DNA Protected:

  1. If your dog is already on the Forensic DNA database - just visit our online shop and add the DNA profile product to your shopping bag. At the checkout you'll have the opportunity to enter your unique database barcode and will be asked to confirm your dog's name.

  2. If you want to DNA protect your dog and order the profile print at the same time there is an option to do this when you order your 'Dog DNA Sampling kit'.

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Your dog’s profile image is laser printed on high quality, embossed A4 paper and mounted in a matt black frame which can be hung on the wall or stood up.  Frame size is 31x 38cm.  Accompanying your profile is an informative leaflet explaining how the profile is obtained and what it means.

Your framed profile will be carefully packed and despatched by Royal Mail.

That’s no problem, you can order an unframed version.  It will come laser printed on the same quality, embossed paper and will be accompanied by the same information leaflet.  It will be despatched in a protective cardboard envelope to keep it from being damaged. 

Yes, this profile picture is a unique representation of your dog’s genetic identity.  If you dog is already on the DNA Protected database, you can order a copy of their profile by quoting their name and unique barcode number on the order page.  If you dog is not yet on the database, you can order a sampling kit and framed profile at the same time.

No, the DNA Protected profile of your dog is for forensic identification purposes only and can help reunite you with your dog should he be stolen.

Absolutely you can!  As well as dog DNA, Cellmark have been DNA profiling humans for over 35 years and our One in a Billion service offers you the chance to have your DNA profiled and framed too.