How does the DNA Protected service work?

DNA Protected is a forensic DNA profiling service for dogs.  DNA extracted from the cells collected using a simple mouth swab are tested in the laboratory to produce a DNA profile which can identify your dog.  DNA Protected uses a Canine DNA marker system that has been specifically developed for forensic analysis.  For each dog we produce a DNA profile comprised of 16 DNA markers that have been shown to be highly variable between individuals.  This variability allows us to discriminate between different dogs (even related animals) and provides a dog DNA ‘identity’.  The test also includes a marker that confirms the sex of your dog.

The dog’s DNA profile can then be stored on a database which means that it can be compared against the profile of any dog that might be found or recovered following loss or theft in order to reunite the dog with its owner.

Because a dog’s DNA markers are inherited from his or her parents, the dog’s DNA profile can also be compared with the dog’s sire and dam to confirm parentage.

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How does the DNA Protected service work?

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