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Help protect your dog with a simple mouth swab

Having your dog’s profile on the Forensic Dog DNA Database will assist with crime prevention as well as helping the police to ensure your dog’s safe return should your family pet be stolen.  

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With Dog theft unfortunately on the rise, DNA Protected has been developed by leading forensic company Cellmark Forensic Services to deter thieves, provide you with peace of mind and to help collar the criminals. Cellmark’s dog DNA profiling service is accredited to ISO17025 by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) - learn more.

Why DNA profile your dog?

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The Forensic Dog DNA database could play an important role in ensuring that your dog is safely returned if stolen, but we also want to help make sure that the individuals responsible are brought to justice.

Cellmark has provided forensic DNA profiling services to UK police forces for over 30 years and we assist with the forensic investigation of hundreds of crimes every week. The process doesn’t just stop when the Forensic Dog DNA Database contributes towards your dog’s safe return - we have the expertise and experience to help the police successfully prosecute the people responsible.

How does it work?

Your dog’s DNA is unique and cannot be changed.  It is nature’s ultimate identification system.  Unlike a microchip which might be lost, might not work or could even be removed, DNA will identify your dog for life. A simple mouth swab taken from your dog will contain thousands of cells, each containing your dog’s DNA.  By analysing the DNA collected on the swab sample we will produce a DNA profile which can be used to confirm your dog’s identity.

1. Sampling


A simple mouth swab is used to collect a sample from your dog

2. DNA Testing


In the laboratory we analyse the swab to generate your dog's DNA profile 

3. Database


The DNA profile is then added to the Forensic Dog DNA Database 

Your dog’s DNA is made up of about two and a half billion letters of genetic code.  Although the vast majority of the genetic code is the same for every dog, we target 18 DNA sections where there are differences to produce a DNA profile that can tell your dog apart with excellent discrimination.

Storing your dog’s DNA profile on Cellmark’s database makes it accessible to the police and means that if the worst were to happen and your dog were to be lost or stolen, it could help ensure that he or she is safely returned.

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Your DNA Protected sampling kit will include everything you need to take your dog's sample and return it to us:

  • Mouth swab and 'FTA' DNA collection card
  • Simple to follow sampling instructions
  • Prepaid return envelope (with tamper evident security seal)

You'll also receive a free welcome pack with your kit which includes a DNA protected collar tag (worth £4.99) and car/window sticker (worth £3.99). Further crime prevention accessories such as leads and collars can also be purchased in our shop.

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What Our Customers Are Saying . . .

5 Star Review from Trust Pilot
Peace of Mind
Given that microchips can move, fail or be removed, having your pet on the forensic DNA database makes sense.

5 Star Review from Trust Pilot
It's Infallible
DNA Protected is the only infallible way to identify my dog if lost or stolen - there's simply no way to fake a DNA profile.

5 Star Review from Trust Pilot
Wonderful service from start to finish
Wonderful service from start to finish. Easy to swab and send and quick to go on the database. I feel secure that my dog is protected.

  DNA Protect Your Best Friend

Crime prevention is the primary aim of DNA Protected. When your dog is profiled you'll receive an official DNA Protected certificate. We also supply a range of high visibility accessories for your dog to wear, and stickers to put in your window to warn criminals that your pet has had their DNA taken and is stored on the Forensic Dog DNA database. Police confirm that making sure the criminals know that you have taken steps to protect your pet will make them think twice.

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  Our Pedigree

Cellmark has been a leading forensic DNA profiling company for over 30 years.  Established in 1987 as the world’s first commercial DNA fingerprinting laboratory, Cellmark was originally part of ICI and subsequently AstraZeneca.  Today, owned by its management team, Cellmark employs 500 people and carries out over 150,000 DNA tests every year in some of the most advanced forensic DNA laboratories in the world.

We are one of the UK’s largest Forensic Science companies and are contracted to provide forensic investigation services to 80% of the police forces in England and Wales.  While most of our testing involves human DNA, throughout our history we have analysed hundreds of thousands of animal DNA samples, primarily for the agriculture sector, and have been involved in numerous forensic cases involving dogs.

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  Taking a sample

Taking a DNA sample from your dog is simple, painless and only takes a few seconds. Watch our short video below to see how it's done.

When taking the sample please make sure that you wait for at least an hour after your dog has eaten - see our FAQ page for more information on sampling.

  Activating your kit

The kit must be activated by the owner of the dog that has been sampled. Their details will be stored on the Forensic Dog DNA Database.

A report confirming that your Dog is DNA Protected will be sent to the email address entered at activation.

Police Backed Initiative

DNA Protected was developed in collaboration with Gloucestershire Constabulary