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Use forensic science to help combat dog theft

Pet Theft Awareness Blog

According to recent research, the number of dogs stolen in the UK reached a seven-year high in 2021. Although the likelihood of having your dog stolen is thankfully still quite low, dog owners who are seeking new ways to prevent theft and provide reassurance that their family pet would be returned if lost or stolen can now use the latest forensic DNA technology to help.

I’ve been wanting to get my dog on a DNA register for a while for extra peace of mind.  I am so glad to have him registered

DNA Protected was developed by Cellmark Forensic Services as a crime prevention initiative with Gloucestershire Police, and is approved by Secured by Design, the official police security initiative which provides a recognised standard for security products than can deter and reduce crime.

While microchips are a legal requirement for your four-legged friend and having your details up to date with your microchip provider is a must, they are not fool-proof – they can fail and the police report that they can even be removed and replaced by thieves, making it difficult or impossible to return a recovered dog to its rightful owner.  DNA, however, is nature’s ultimate identification system.  Accessed with a simple mouth swab, your dog’s DNA stays unchanged for life. It can’t fail or be removed and is the most reliable way to definitively identify your dog and prove ownership.

I have no hesitation in recommending DNA Protected. Peace of mind at an affordable price.’

Cellmark is a leading UK forensic DNA company that works with the majority of police forces in the UK and carries out over 150,000 DNA tests every year in some of the most advanced forensic DNA laboratories in the world.  For over 35 years Cellmark has built a reputation for quality, reliability and service excellence which is reflected in DNA Protected’s verified 5 star Trustpilot reviews.

Delivered to your home, the DNA Protected kit contains everything you need to take a mouth swab from your dog and return it to Cellmark’s UK forensic laboratories for DNA profiling and loading to their forensic dog DNA Database.

This makes it available to be searched by the police and other investigators, increasing the chance of you being reunited with your family pet if stolen and recovered.

Also included with the DNA Protected kit is a branded collar tag and window sticker (high visibility leads and collars are also available) so you can try and deter potential thieves by showing them that your dog is on the database and you have taken steps to protect your pet.

March 14-21 is Pet Theft Awareness week which seeks to increase knowledge about dog theft and the ways to help combat this crime.  To find out more about how you can use forensic science to protect your dog from theft visit the DNA Protected website or call our Customer Services team on 0800 193 3640.