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Frontline Fightback

Blog Preview Frontline Fightback

Our Managing Director, David Hartshorne, was interviewed earlier this year for BBC One’s Frontline Fightback. The show is a documentary series that investigates some of the ways in which the very latest technology, combined with clever police work, is helping in the battle against crime.

The interview was for an episode focussing on dog theft in the UK with a spotlight on how DNA Protected’s innovative forensic dog DNA profiling and database service can help police officers reunite missing dogs with their families.

In the episode, we meet a family who were left distraught when two of their dogs were stolen from their garden. The family launched a massive social media appeal in a desperate attempt to find their two cocker spaniels. They’re not alone, with more than a thousand dog thefts reported every year.

Sadly, most of these stolen pets are never recovered. However, DNA Protected is playing an important role in helping dog owners to store their pet’s unique DNA which not only provides proof of ownership but could also assist the police with reuniting a stolen dog with its owners. Provided by Cellmark, one of the UK’s leading forensic companies, DNA protected could also help to ensure that the individuals responsible are brought to justice.

The episode will be re-shown on BBC One on Wednesday 13th December at 10.45am.